I never call it ‘Work’,
I call it ‘Making Magic

Making magic for my clients is by far my favorite thing about this great gig. I do this as a consultant, through workshops and training sessions or as a keynote speaker,  working with companies of all sizes, all types of businesses and all kinds of disciplines.  How can I help your team become more creative and innovative? Let’s set up some time and chat about it! 

An Overview of the Magic

Keynotes & MC/Hosting

Whether on stage, in the room, or online, I would love to give your team an injection of magic! Through facilitation, hosting and a series of keynotes, I can do this in exciting, engaging and custom-tailored way!

Lee Kitchen Consulting


Through training workshops, I offer compact learning for teams of all sizes. I deliver a variety of in-person or virtual sessions that dive deep into Design Thinking tools, behaviors, and techniques plus practical idea generation, developing and pitching skills. Whether you’re looking to jump into creativity & innovation with both feet or just dip your toes in, I can build a custom program to suit your needs.

Lee Kitchen Keynote


As an Innovation Catalyst I am able to work closely and personally with you and your team to help drive innovation, creativity and new ideas. We will do this together through a mix of virtual and in person training, facilitated idea sessions and custom-fit creative experiences. No matter how big or small the challenge is, don’t go it alone.

Why don't we discuss your next creative project?