How can I inspire your team or large group at your next virtual or in-person event?

Keynotes, MC'ing and Hosting

As an experienced Keynote Speaker, Facilitator and MC I have been able to serve teams around the world – online and in person – to meaningfully connect and create real value during our times together.

Business as UNusual – The Keynote: Do you want to inspire your team to think differently, but only have an hour or two to do it? This inspiring Keynote version of my Business as UNusual workshop is just the thing. We’ll scratch the surface on how design thinking can fundamentally change the way your group thinks about solving challenges, all while having fun along the way. This Keynote is both inspiring and fun and leaves participants with some practical ways to change their thinking (and solve their business challenges)  right as they exit the room!

Creating Purposeful Spontaneity – In this rousing 45-90 minute Keynote, groups will learn the value of fresh thinking and how being more spontaneous can lead to better and bigger ideas. They say that spontaneity is the ‘spice of life’ but it is so much more! This Keynote is informative, interesting and SPONTANEOUSLY FUN as we dive into the relationship spontaneity has with creativity, fresh thinking and innovation. It is sure to grow your creativity exponentially as we explore different ways each of us can be more spontaneous in our work and personal lives, as well as ways to avoid regret due to not being spontaneous.

Unleash Your Inner Creative Super Hero – Everyone has his or her own unique talents and limitations when it comes to the creative process. In this session, teams and individuals will have the opportunity to identify where they are naturally strong and learn how to leverage that talent to be a force for creative good.  Attendees will also visit their dark-side to explore how their weaknesses act as an ‘Achilles Heel’ in their desire for success.  


MC, Host and Facilitator

Virtual Meeting Facilitation – I have spent a lot of time diving deeply into the virtual/online meeting space and have many tips and tricks that could help with training, weekly meetings and special events. Many of the same principles used in my live brainstorms, workshops and keynotes still apply in the virtual video meeting space – signaling expected behaviors, bringing everyone IN to the space with both large and small group interactions, ensuring proper timing and getting physical (getting people up from their chairs is absolutely essential – dancing optional).

Team Building and Socialization – sometimes you may just want to get together for a fun, social “happy hour” with your teams (since we can’t get everyone together at the local pub across from the office) – I have also re-“imagineered” social happy hour events in the virtual space, using loose structure and fun ways to interact on video chat, to make these types of meetings fun, casual and purposeful.

Conference and Event MC – many groups use me to host their overall conferences and events both in-person and virtually. From introducing all the keynotes on the roster to providing fun energizers and activities in-between the content, to DJ’ing the final night social gathering, my 32-years of Disney experience really shines in this arena (or your arena.)