#StudioXLT is my Happy Place...

I take this Innovation Catalyst thing very seriously and have created a dedicated virtual studio in my home office – with three camera angles, two computers, three monitors plus broadcast quality mic, audio mixer and software – to ensure your next virtual engagement goes off without a hitch. Check out these YouTube videos about #StudioXLT

Introducing #StudioXLT - our virtual home!

#StudioXLT - An Inspiring Place to do Virtual Work!

#StudioXLT - Pivoting for the new Hybrid World

Special shout out to the AAAHHHMAZING Mark Wisehart with Creative Thought Design for the edits and cuts of those videos. You should definitely check him out. He’s an awesome creative mind, slick at that the editing thing and is a great partner to work with – not to mention one of this Magical Dude’s best pals!