I love helping businesses and brands build their skills of Innovation and Creativity

Creativity & Innovation Consulting

Take a moment to think about the worst meeting/brainstorm you’ve ever attended. What was missing? What went wrong? Maybe someone dominated the conversation, or a conversation turned into what I call “analysis paralysis”.. Did you finish without making a decision or a plan? We’re there clearly articulated and understandable ideas captured at the session to be able to scope out and evaluate the next day?

If you’ve experienced any, or all, of these scenarios, then you could benefit from engaging with an Innovation Catalyst, like me.  Specifically when you need to gather a large group of diverse thinkers together to create something, enhance something or come up with ideas to fix something. Having an Innovation Catalyst can make the difference between a horrible brainstorm or an outstanding one, using simple structure, proven behaviors and tried and true capture methods. If you have a business challenge that is especially important, high-stakes, sensitive, or complex, you can get a lot more out of those sessions with an Innovation Catalyst, especially since I have an outside, unbiased and impartial perspective. I have no agenda to “lead the horse’ or steer the idea session in my favor.  I have the ability to lead the session objectively and strategically – removed from the politics of the situation – to produce better and bigger ideas. 

With me at the front of a room full of diverse and amazing thinkers from your business,  together we can help your team think more creatively, bringing in fresh thinking to solve challenges and invent incredible new things, all while changing mindsets to innovate more often. Innovation is only meaningful if it creates new value… I can help your team invent new solutions, products and services which drive value, by leading and facilitating a structured problem-solving process to help people think differently.