Infuse creative confidence and innovation prowess within your team

Need a shot of magic and creativity within your business?

Through training workshops, I offer compact learning for teams of all sizes. I deliver a variety of in-person or virtual sessions that dive deep into Design Thinking tools, behaviors, and techniques plus practical idea generation, developing and pitching skills. Whether you’re looking to jump into creativity & innovation with both feet or just dip your toes in, I can build a custom program to suit your needs.

Some of my more intensive training programs will teach creative confidence and innovation prowess within your team:

  • Participants learn the PROCESS, an easy framework for repeatable innovation. 
  • I share easy-to-use TOOLS to help you think differently 
  • I teach better collaboration BEHAVIORS that compliment both the process and the tools 

This training is always well received and turns innovation barriers into enablers that unlock previously “impossible” solutions…

I also have developed a few workshops which repeatedly deliver success (and fun) to my clients. They’re designed to motivate, excite and inspire teams – powerful and direct! Here are a few of my “tapas style” workshops:

BUSINESS AS UNUSUAL- A Design Thinking Overview

A Design Thinking/Innovation Toolbox training workshop available in 2-3-4 hour virtual sessions or 4-8-16 hour in-person sessions. It’s an easy to digest, inspiring class that broaches all parts of the process (scoping, empathizing, ideating and developing) and includes supporting behaviors that help bring the process to life. It is as interactive as it is informative and of course, always FUN!


 These 3-hour virtual or in-person workshops help participants construct and deconstruct their “challenge questions” to ensure they are solving the right one They also introduce ways to look at challenges from a new lens and articulate the challenge using inspiring (and human) language

Workshop Titles: Dr. Diagnosis, Be Your Own Consultant, Word UP


In this 3-hour virtual or in-person workshop, participants learn how to combine existing end user data with the power of project team immersive experiences to really dig deep and uncover consumer insight (the “human truth”.) We also discuss how to match consumer insight to our business challenge to make amazing “jumping off points” which lead to better (and more consumer centric) ideas

Workshop Title: The WHO Box of Consumer Inspiration


Creating big ideas can be challenging. It’s a skillset which is not common curriculum in the college or business training environment. These 3-hour virtual or in-person workshops teach easy to use tools, techniques, and behaviors essential for brainstorming The result better sessions that net innovative thinking and revolutionary ideas

Workshop Titles: Four Laterals to Change the World, Party Your Way to Great Ideas, Stimulocity


So many of us falter when we get to that part of the process where we pitch our big ideas to clients or leaders. In this 3 hour session, participants will learn tools to strengthen ideas, essential behaviors for pitching, and proven tips and tricks for selling innovative ideas

Workshop Title: From Fins to Wins